Vicat Prompt hempcrete binder (25 kg)

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Vicat Prompt Natural Cement is a fast-setting hempcrete binder, particularly suited for making hempcrete for infilling historic timber frames buildings. Vicat Tempo retarder needs to be used to slow down the set of this binder.


As well as its use as a hempcrete binder, Vicat Prompt™ Natural Cement is a fast-setting and versatile waterproof cement. Due to its high fines content, Vicat Prompt develops excellent adhesion to a wide array of building materials. Adhesion to a damp surfaces is significantly better than that obtained on a dry surface. Its fast-setting, corrosion-resistant, and waterproof qualities make it an excellent choice for quick masonry work and work done under less than ideal conditions like cold, humidity, or immersion in water. For more than 150 years, this natural hydraulic binder has been manufactured with the same process and is fired at a lower temperature than Portland cement. Lower temperatures mean less energy consumption, making Vicat Prompt an environmentally friendly building material. It is compatible with hemp fibre and lime for manufacturing mortar and hempcrete, as well as hempcrete blocks for wall, floor and roof insulation. The fast set time of Vicat Prompt is one of it most unique qualities. This set time can be controlled with the addition of a specially formulated citric acid which can delay the set in a Prompt mortar by 10 to 30 minutes depending on the ambient temperature.Vicat Prompt is ideally suited for architectural pre-cast use, allowing castings to be turned out faster than with Portland cement – speeding up production time. These same properties allow for rapid formwork removal when poured in place; foundations and floors are usable shortly after pouring; fast set times are ideal for emergency repairs.


  Application Guide

  The Roman Cement of Grenoble

  Specification Sheet

  Prompt with Natural Hydraulic Limes

  Technical Data (including mix ratios)

  Technical Document

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Weight 25 kg

25 kg


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Thermal conductivity (W/mK)

0.07 W/mK

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