Cast-on-site hempcrete

Hempcrete is a building and insulating material made from the inner core of the hemp plant (hemp shiv) mixed with a lime-based binder. It is known for its high insulation value, breathability, and low environmental impact.

Hempcrete is a non-load bearing material and works within a timber or steel frame. When cast in place against temporary or permanent form work, moulds itself into the forms and sets to very hard material, surrounding any structural frame element in the wall.

As well as its vapour permeability (“breathability”), hempcrete offers a unique application method which makes it perfect for insulating old buildings. As a wet-mixed, loose fill material which sets and holds its own shape, hempcrete can be applied against uneven walls, within irregular timber frame panels or strange-shaped voids in the wall, and act to fill every last space with its highly thermally effective mixture of insulation and thermal mass. The surface of the hempcrete (whatever shape) can then be plastered, bringing a very high level of air tightness to the thermal envelope of the building.

Compare this to the process of installing regular shaped panels and rolls of lightweight insulation against, around or within an irregular-shaped historic frame or masonry wall. No amount of cutting will achieve exactly the right shape to fit the building, and the resulting insulation layer will be very difficult to make airtight.

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