HempBuild building shiv, UK-grown, approx. 20 kg (200 litre)

£10.50 + VAT & delivery

UK-grown hemp shiv for wet-cast hempcrete. Shiv pieces are approx. 22 mm long, supplied in a bale of 200 litres (please note the volume of the unopened bale is slightly less than this due to compression during packaging).  Allow 5 bales per cubic metre of hempcrete.


We can supply hemp shiv and hempcrete binder by pallet to your building project. Please see further details below. Environmental benefits: Because the hemp plant absorbs a very high level of atmospheric CO₂ as it grows, and because the production and application of hempcrete is quite a low-tech process, the end result is a material which, even accounting for the production of the lime (a relatively high embodied carbon material), transport, and the energy use during construction, still locks away approximately 110–160 kg of CO₂ net per m³ of hempcrete, for the lifetime of the building. As a crop, industrial hemp has many environmental benefits – some are directly due the use of the various parts of the plant by industry, construction or elsewhere, with a resulting reduction in use of oil-derived products and reduced pollution, and some as a consequence of growing hemp. Hemp requires no pesticides in its growing and its deep rooting leaves a good soil structure for the following crop.

Additional information

Weight 20 kg

20 kg (approx.)


200 litre bale

Units per pallet (tail-lift)


Units per pallet (fork-lift)


Pallet size

1200 x 1200 x 2200 mm tall

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