IndiTherm Hemp Flexibatt 0.040

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IndiTherm is made in Britain from UK grown crops. It is flexible, easy to install, has large carbon savings, exceptional thermal and moisture buffering properties.


IndiTherm is a sustainable insulation made in Britain from UK grown crops. Its flexible design allows for easy installation, friction fitting between structural framing or against masonry. This insulation material also boasts large carbon savings with a Carbon net storage of -0.70 kgCO2eq/kg. IndiTherm is a durable and eco-friendly insulation option. With a thermal conductivity of 0.40 W/mK, building occupants will benefit from its exceptional thermal and moisture buffering properties which keep indoor temperatures comfortable, warm in winter and cool in summer and improves indoor air quality.


IndiTherm Installation Guide

IndiTherm Technical Data Sheet

IndiTherm Performance Declaration


Additional information

Dimensions N/A

50mm, 80mm, 100mm, 140mm


570mm, 440mm, 370mm

Thermal conductivity (W/mK)

0.040 W/mK

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