Lime Green Ultra Insulating Lime Basecoat (15L)

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Lime Green Ultra is a thermally insulating lime basecoat that can be used for rendering and plastering.


Ultra is a highly insulating lime render base coat that is five to ten times thermally more efficient than other lime renders when tested in accordance with British Standards. This makes it the perfect insulating lime render base coat for building renovations, where it gives an additional insulation layer to external walls. Lime Green’s Ultra is such an effective insulator because it contains an aggregate of hollow beads made from recycled glass, which can make up to 55% of its bulk. This replaces the sand conventionally used in standard lime render and lime plaster, which means Ultra uses less energy to manufacture and is significantly lighter to transport, so cutting down on distribution costs and energy. Ultra is applied to walls in the same way as other lime renders and lime plasters. It has good ‘workability’ and there are no complicated fixings or problems achieving the right depth of coat.


  Lime Green Ultra – Product Data Sheet

Additional information

Weight 10 kg

25 kg


15 litre bag (approx. 10 kg)

Units per pallet (tail-lift)


Units per pallet (fork-lift)


Thermal conductivity (W/mK)

0.18 W/mK