Lime Green Prepbond WP (Warmshell basecoat) (18kg)

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A specialist lime undercoat render for Warmshell woodfibre insulation boards and other lightweight insulation backgrounds.

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Externally, Prepbond WP lime render undercoat is applied directly to wood fibre board and general insulation boards to ensure a good surface bond for the finish coat. Once applied, it still allows a wall to breathe and provides additional protection against weather so insulation stays dry. Prepbond Weather Protection is made from natural hydraulic lime combined with natural and recycled aggregates and so can be confidently used for ‘green building’ or to meet specific environmental requirements. Prepbond WP lime render undercoat is part of the lime green Warmshell system, a breathable external wall insulation system.


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Weight 18 kg

18 kg


18 kg bag

Units per pallet (tail-lift)


Units per pallet (fork-lift)


Thermal conductivity (W/mK)

0.27-0.30 W/mK