Lime Green Natural Finish lime render

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A pure lime finish coat render incorporating marble aggregates to give a durable and attractive appearance without compromising breathability. Available in a range of colours and textures.


Natural Finish is self-coloured external lime render requiring no further painting. Using a natural water repellent it protects against the worst of the elements while remaining breathable. The external finish of walls is one of the first things you notice about a property, our lime based external render finishing coat combines special marble aggregates and hydraulic lime to give a beautiful top surface, whether you use Ultra or Duro as the base coat. Natural Finish external render is the perfect complement to a sustainably built house, allowing you to bring an eco-friendly product right to the heart of a home. Download the colour brochure below to see the range of colours.


  Product Data Sheet

  Colours for Renders and Mortars

Additional information

Weight 22 kg

22 kg


1 m x 50 m roll

Units per pallet (tail-lift)


Units per pallet (fork-lift)


Thermal conductivity (W/mK)

0.40 W/mK


Chalk, Cotswold, Bath, York, Corfton, Honeysuckle, Tallow, Birch, Ochre, Terracotta, Harnage, Barley, Purbeck, Salmon, Stone, Earth, Bracken, Grinshill, Pomona, Seaside Blue, Ironstone, Penrhyn, Autumn, Farringdon, Tugford, Woad


Course Grain (CG), Rough Grain (RG)