Lime Green Duro plaster/render basecoat (25 kg)

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A general purpose lime undercoat plaster. Suitable for most masonry backgrounds.


Great for renovation, conservation or eco-friendly new builds, Duro lime undercoat offers superior levels of breathability – perfect for walls with damp or salt problems since water can evaporate easily and does not remain trapped where it can damage stone, brickwork and wood. Duro lime plaster base coat is also flexible and long-lasting, so it’s more resilient to cracking or crazing compared with a site mixed lime render. Duro is applied as a standard base coat plaster and finished with a finishing plaster such as Lime Green Solo or Fine stuff lime putty plaster.


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Weight 25 kg

25 kg


25 kg bag

Units per pallet (tail-lift)


Units per pallet (fork-lift)


Thermal conductivity (W/mK)

0.54 W/mK