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The ISOHEMP™ hempblock system is a high-performance, carbon neutral building material suitable for domestic or commercial construction projects and for retrofit or renovation.

As a medium-density building material blocks provide both insulation and thermal mass. The blocks can be cut easily with a regular hand saw, or appropriate power tool, to shape and fit around into irregular shapes in the structural frame, or existing walls.

Precast hempcrete blocks have become more popular in recent years, due to the predictability they bring to a hempcrete build. Cast-on-site hempcrete has a drying time on site which is dependent on a range of factors such as thickness, time of year, site exposure to the wind etc. Hempcrete blocks are pre-dried in the factory and laid in a thin layer of lime adhesive mortar, so walls are ready to finish a few days after the blocks have been installed. This means the schedule on site is much more predictable, making them more suitable for commercial scale jobs, or when building in the winter months.

Isohemp installation video guides

Isohemp installation Guide

The ISOHEMP Installation Guide has been designed to give you a practical overview of the use of IsoHemp hemp blocks, so you can start building and renovating yourself. Although building with hemp blocks is relatively straightforward, there are some key things to be aware of if this is your first time using this product. Therefore, we consider this guide to be essential reading before you or your team start working with hemp blocks.

In case you need further help after reading this guide, you can always count on our team of experts to guide you in the execution of your project. Contact our technical department by phone or email and someone will be in contact to answer your questions.